【CHANGE】Folding Bike 26" MTB Bicycle 11.3kg FOX fork Shimano XT 2x11S DF-602WF

TWD $68,500

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Product details

product details


CHANGE--- Not a folding bike, but a bike that folds!
Overcome all folding obstacle --- NO.1 Mountain folding bike
Precise Alignment, Fold it easily, Quickly and Simply
Strongest, Smallest, Lightest, 100% Part Compatibility
Performance Lightweight High Quality Unique FoldingDesign Innovation Patents

A new world of places can be explored with the Change Folding Mountain Bike. This model is built to withstand the harshest of off-road conditions and can be ridden virtually anywhere, whether off curbs or on tracks, and even for cycling races. Whatever your purpose may be, whether it is sport or being on the trail of a cycling adventure, these Folding Mountain Bikes open the way to a world of off-road adventures.



Aluminum 7005 Lightweight Double butted and Hydroforming tubes. T.I.G Welding

The Change folding bike frame retains the same tried-and-true triangular shape that’s been used in bicycles for generations. This enables a lighter weight and greater stability than what’s found in the linear designs of other folding frames. In fact, to the untrained eye, the Change frame can pass for a standard bicycle.  It won’t attract any attention until its owner folds or unfolds it.

  • Internationally Patented Folding System. 
  • Diamond Triangular Design
  • The ONLY Folding Bike Frame that has passed the EN 14766 MTB test. 
  • Sturdiest, Smallest and Lightest folding bike; Precise alignment.
  • Fold it Quickly, Simply without using any tools.